Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweet Serenity

Sit back and immerse yourself in the words and the music.

Written by Harmony

Music by WJKington

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Equanimity quote

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Help others and follow dreams quote

written 02/08/09

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What is beautiful

What is beautiful?

What attracts us to another human being?
When we believe someone to be physically beautiful, are they really?
Or is it just the perception of our own mind?
What appeals to one, may not appeal to another

How can we limit ourselves to giving someone the title ''sexiest person alive'' or ''miss universe'' when our definition of beautiful is defined in accordance with each individual?

Depending on a person's inner beauty, will often determine how we view them on the outside as well. But does this mean, once we start to know someone, that their outer beauty will substantially change?
Or is it just how our minds perceive them?

A person will often have a ''right'' and ''wrong'' view on another individual, depending on what they/we consider to be inner and outer beauty.

What appeals to our senses, obviously goes further than our attraction to another human being. It relates to everything in life.

So I ask again, what is beautiful?

Written 5/8/09


Each morning when I think of you
I awake with a smile
I jump out of bed, pick you up
And hug you for a while

You climb down my top
And nestle into my chest
With your little head poking out
There you happily rest

When I go out for the day
I'm excited to come home and see you
I can tell the feeling's mutual
When you frantically run over
to me
Licking me like crazy

And you must really love Robbie too
With the way you let him constantly play with you
He makes you pull silly faces
And puts you in funny (safe) positions
And it never phases you a bit
You just close your eyes and drift off into it

And when I notice you curled up safely in his hand
While you both fell asleep together on the couch each night
I watch and smile
As I think it's truly a beautiful sight

Just like me
You love to eat
And when you smell food in the kitchen
You run in and sit by my feet
Waiting for your healthy treat

And when I give you something to munch on
Gees you're funny to watch
As you cantor down the hallway
With this piece of food hanging out of your mouth
While heading off to eat it in one of your 'safe' places in the house

When someone comes to visit
You graciously greet them
With plenty of kisses
And a wag of your tail
To you, they're like a new friend

I refuse to keep you locked up in a cage
So the sun room became your room
Although you prefer to be with us most of the time
And Obviously we didn't mind

When it's cold you make yourself comfy amongst the layers of the spare doona on the couch
Sometimes, shivering myself as I Iay in bed, I lie there with a smirk on my face
Thinking how spoilt you are
But I don't mind as long as you are warm and safe

You First fell ill when you were about 5 months old
I took you to the vet
She suggested to euthanise you
But I would have no part in it
As I believed you would pull through

I wrapped you in a towel
And for 6 days I nursed you in my arms
Medicating you and softly, singing mantras in your ear
Keeping you safe from harm

Every so often,
Your weary head would raise to look up at me
This is what began our bond that we shared
You started to completely trust me
As you could see how much I cared

The vet gave you two days to live
But you survived another one and a half years
And even though you're not always well
You know that love and support for you are always here

Some people might think
''gees, she's only a rat!''
But little Dharma girl
You are as much family to me
As a dog or cat would be

Naming you Dharma was perfectly suited to you
You are as kind spirited as the Buddha teachings themselves
Giving nothing but loyalty, friendship and unconditional love
You truly belong in an angelic realm up above

If i listened to the vet
I wouldve missed out on all the laughs you give me
And our friendship we share so honestly

Dharma, my heart feels completely open With you
Thankyou little rattie
I love you...

written 8/8/09

Friday, July 10, 2009

My name is

i wrote this after i watched a story on homeless people.

My name is Derrick,
That's right I have a name,
I'm not some feral
That you may think is deranged

I was once like you
Styled back hair
Wearing a nice suit,
With plenty of loot

Walking along
Ignoring the 'scum' I'd pass on by
These 'bums' probably cried at night as they laid in an alley somewhere
Wishing for someone to love and accept them
But did I notice or care?

No! I just looked and stared
And kept walking

Then I made some wrong financial choices
Losing my car, my house, then my wife

All of a sudden!

I found myself laying with the ''scum'' I so callously called
Wondering where I went wrong in my life

I sit on a bench all alone
Hoping someone will take the time to talk to me
But they are just the same as I was
Too busy with their own schedules
To even notice I exist
Wow... What a twist!

I now line up in the homeless shelter waiting to be fed
I had so much, yet couldn't see
Now I'm excited for a bit of soup and bread

I watch the cooks voluntarily, serve each of us food
They're genuine, loving smiles bring hope and cheer to my heart
Knowing that the rest of our day will be spent on the streets
They still try to give each of us a good start

As I start to mingle with my own 'type' now
The 'lessor' sector of society
I learn, they're no different from you or me
They're just the same
They too, have feelings, good qualities and want to fit in
And just like you...

They have a name

Written age 28 7/03/09

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A stroll in the park

i stroll through the park
its a sunny summers day
people greet me and smile as they pass on by

i see a nice patch of grass over there
so i think i'll have a lay down oh yeah

i pick up a twig and put it in my mouth
while i chew on it i daydream as i look up at the clouds

pretty flowers in the ground capture my eyes yeah
i enjoy the aroma they share with me
i pick one and place it gently in my hair

then i decide to hug a tree
wrapping my arms around it i can feel its healing energy
a baby bird comes running over to me
standing there sweetly looking up at me

now ive had a lovely time outdoors
its a pleasure, connecting with nature
but i think i'll stroll on home now

written 23/11/08
age 28